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Story Title: Road Trip
Author's Name: Lovemyfaceoff
Summary: This is written for part two of the kink meme. [profile] st_xi_kink Jim and McCoy go on a road trip during their Academy days and sexual tension runs high.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bit of smut.
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek. Or the whole 11th movie would have feature Leonard McCoy naked.

“This was a terrible idea.” Bones mumbles angrily into his flask. He's sitting in the passengers seat with his feet up on the dashboard. The car is cramped and he longs to stretch his legs a bit. But Jim insists they can't take another break yet. Usually Jim is the one with the short attention span but he's on a mission. McCoy just wants to get out of the car.

Jim is driving him up the wall. He wants to throttle him. And the half erection he's hiding isn't helping matters.

“Oh come on, Bones. Lighten up. It's a road trip! Road trips are fun! You need more of that in your life, buddy.” Jim tells him happily. It's a mantra he has been repeating for the last 48 hours. Bone's is tired of it.

“Stop telling me what I need, Jim.” McCoy grumbles.

Jim just rolls his eyes. “Trust me on this one. I am en expert in fun.”

Oh, Bones knows that's true. Jim has been his roommate for the last year and a half. He has no discretion when it comes to his conquests. He hangs a sock on the doorknob so Bone's will know not to come in. But sometimes he forgets. Then there are a the times he's thinks Bones is completely passed out. The times when Bones has to lay awake and listen to Jim make a girl moan and writhe on his bed. For a man who hasn't gotten laid since he join the Academy, it's torture.

So is the damned road trip.

He never should have let Jim talk him into it.

~~ ~~ ~~

“Oh yeah, I'm beginning to get this. This is the best fucking trip of my life.” Bones drawled sarcastically. He's standing on the side of the road with his arms crossed and a grimace firmly in place. The car had broken down and hour and a half ago. Well, at least he has the chance to stretch his legs.

“It's not my fault.”

“Well, it's your shitty car.” Bones isn't that angry but he's putting on a show. He wants to make the situation as difficult for Jim as possible.

“Listen, your constant stream of negativity isn't helping anything. You always insist on being more miserable then you really are.” Jim shakes his head in disbelief. “I just don't understand how someone would want to live that way.”

McCoy laughs dryly. “You don't get disappointed if you don't have high expectations.”

“You know what, Bones? I really don't believe you are that pessimistic.”

~~ ~~ ~~

Two hours later they are sitting in a diner eating burgers. Jim is grinning at him proudly. “See? We got the working again. We are well on our way. If you have a positive outlook on life, good things will happen.”

Bones snorts. He doesn't feel a need to carry on this conversation again. If Jim thinks he's going to talk him out of his cynicism, he's out of his mind. Jim is waging his fries in McCoy's face and smirking at him.

Once again, Bones greatly regrets coming on this trip.

Jim looks...cute sitting in seat across from him. No matter how much McCoy tries to fight it, Jim has an infectious smile. McCoy keeps thinking he's my best friend. He's my best friend. He's my best friend. but no matter how hard he tries he cannot deny that his best friend is hot.

Their knees bump against each other under the table. He relishes the contact and feels ridiculous for it.

~~ ~~ ~~

When he sees the motel room, McCoy feels it is necessary to once again loudly vocalize his distaste. There is one room and one bed. Goddammit. Bones is having none of this.

“I'm sleeping in the car.” He announces. He would have insisted Jim take the car, since McCoy hadn't wanted to be dragged on this trip in the first place. But he is too tired to have that fight right now. He grabs his duffel bag and turns to leave the room. Jim stops him with a hand on his arm.

“Are you crazy? Why would you sleep in the car?” For a brief moment Bones thinks he's being offered the bed but quickly realizes that isn't the case. “We can just share.”

McCoy looks at the bed then back at Jim. “No.” He says simply. Sharing a bed is a terrible idea. After being pent up in a car with him all day, Bones just doesn't know what he would do with Jim if they have to spend the night together in this room.

Jim is grinning at him. “Come on. It's not like we haven't shared a bed before.” True enough. The last time was hell though. Bones had been up all night staring at the ceiling and trying not to pay attention to the body next to him. He had been able to feel warmth radiating off of Kirk. He had no intention of spending another night like that.

“The car is fine by me.” He says loudly. He is trying to edge out of the room but Jim has a tight grip on his arm. He pulls him forward with one hard tug and quickly slams the door behind Bones.

“I'm not letting you sleep in the car, Bones. Drop it. We can share the bed.”

McCoy drops his duffel bag on the floor and heads towards the bathroom. “Fine. I'm taking a shower.”

He showers quickly while trying to keep all thoughts of Jim out of his mind. The cool water helps. So does focusing on his anger.

Ten minutes later he is laying on the bed listening to Kirk shower. He begins to think taking the first shower was a horrible mistake. He can't help but pay attention to the sounds of his friend undressing then the water turning on. His mind is playing the images of a wet naked Jim through his mind.

He definitely should have taken the second shower.

When Jim comes out he doesn't even have the decency to get dressed first. He saunters through the bathroom door wearing only a towel and a grin.

In the morning, Bones doesn't know how he got through the night.

~~ ~~ ~~

In McCoy's honest medical opinion, sporting an erection for the better part of two and a half days cannot possibly be a good thing. At the very least it is enough to drive a man insane. He's back in the passenger seat listening to Jim sing along to the radio. He had offered to drive. He wanted the distraction. But Jim wouldn't let him,

“You know, you haven't even told me where we are going.” McCoy points out.

“I think it's great that you would agree to come on a week long car trip with me without even knowing the destination.” Jim concludes, completely missing the point of his question.

“Didn't think I had much of a choice.” He said honestly. If he had said no, Jim would have spent the next three days nagging him none stop. He would have said eventually. It just seemed easier to skip that part.

“You always have a choice, Bones.” Jim lies. He flashes him one of those award winning smiles before turning his attention back to the road. And what a long empty road it is.

A couple hours later and Bones is going stir crazy. He needs to get out of the damned car. He can smell Jim. The scent of the cheap motel shampoo he used last night is still clinging to him. Bones keeps looking at Jim's strong hands wrapped around the steering wheel and thinks of all the other things he could be doing with those hands.

“Stop there.” Bones says when he finally sees a sign for a gas station.

“Ah, come on Bones. We are making great time.”

“Stop.” Bones uses his sternest possible voice. The one he usually reserves for children or unruly patients.

“Alright, Alright. Whatever you say.” Jim smiles easily but Bones doesn't return it. He's staring fixedly out the window. As soon as Jim pulls the car to a stop in front of the gas station Bones is out of the door.

Jim waits in the car for a moment. He is gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turn white as he watches Bones hurry away from the car. He sees him disappear around the side of the gas station. He is following the sign pointing towards the bathrooms. Jim takes a deep breath then smiles to himself. “Okay.” he says aloud in the empty car. “Now is a good as time as any.” With that, he gets out of the car and goes after Bones.

He finds him leaning against the cement wall next to the bathrooms. He looks utterly defeated. “What do you want, Jim?” He asks in a voice that's much harsher then he intended. Jim doesn't look fazed though.

“You.” He says simply.

Bones lifts his head and opens his eyes slowly. “Excuse me?” He drawls.

“Like I haven't noticed the effect I've been having on you the last couple days.”

Bones snorts at that and shakes his head. “Your modesty never fails to amaze me, Jim.”

Jim steps into his personal space and moves to whisper into McCoy's ear. “You've been driving me crazy too.” He tells him softly. Bones lets his eyes flutter shut again. Jim's hands move up to his shoulders. “I guess I should apologize. I've been dragging this out for as long as I could.” Jim tells him in a hushed tone.

Bones hesitantly lifts one hand to grip the back of Jim's neck. “You bastard.” He says without any heat. He pulls Jim forward and they are kissing. Kissing.


Bones has been tempted for far too long. He is kissing Jim roughly and Jim's responding eagerly. The little bastard had been doing the whole thing on purpose and Bones was pissed. But more then that, he was painfully aroused. “You couldn't have brought this to my attention, oh I don't know... Last night when we were in a goddamn bed together? You just had to wait until we were in the middle of nowhere.”

Jim grins wickedly. “It's more fun this way.” He rolls his hips against McCoy's and all the fight goes out of him. He fumbles for the door to the bathroom and pulls Jim inside with him.

McCoy shoves him against the bathroom door and runs his hands down Jim's chest. They are kissing again, hot and breathless. Bones keeps muttering curses against Jim's lips as they pull at each others clothing. Jim reaches his hand between their bodies and quickly undoes McCoy's pants. Bones let out a strangled moan as Jim snakes his hand into his boxers. He grinds against Jim's hand and bites down on his neck. “Fuck.” mumbles against the sweaty skin of Jim's neck.

Jim slides onto his knees, not caring about the filthy floor. Bones looks down at him in wordless awe as Jim licks his lips. He flashes him a small smile before pulling his erection free. Bones bites down on his lip to keep from moaning as he watches Jim slowly take his cock into his mouth. It's warm and wet and fucking perfect. Bones let out a loud groan as he threads his fingers through Jim's short hair. He's been thinking about this for a long time and it's better then he's ever imagined. Jim is talented. Extremely talented.

“Goddammit, Jim.” Bones exhales a sharp breath. He braces one arm against the bathroom wall to hold himself up. Jim runs his tongue along the underside of his erection. Jim is licking and sucking like Bones is the best thing he's ever tasted. It doesn't take long before his body is shaking and he's biting down on his lower lip. He rocks forward into Jim's mouth as he reaches orgasm. He drags Jim to his feet so he can kiss him long and slow. He can taste himself on Jim's lips.

He slides his hand into Jim's pants and takes his neglected erection in hand. He jerks him off with a hard fast hand. Jim is gripping his shoulders and muffling his cries against McCoy's neck as he comes.

They stand together against the bathroom wall trying to catch their breath. They are both grinning like idiots. Jim kisses him again then, lazily and a little sloppy. “I've been planning that for weeks.” He says after a long time.

McCoy just laughs. “Weeks of planning for a blow job and a quick jerk in a gas station bathroom?”

“Oh well, when you put it like that...” Jim rolls his eyes and smacks McCoy's shoulder playfully.

“You've been a nightmare the last few days.”

“You loved it.” Jim grins triumphantly.

When they stumble out of the bathroom the gas station attention is standing a few yards away eying them strangely. They ignore him as they head back to the car. Bones thinks he won't mind the rest of the trip.


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