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Title: Boundaries
Author: Caej
Characters: Bones/Kirk,
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 704
Disclaimer: I do not own star trek.
Summary: Writing for the McCoy-a-thon over at LiveJournal. The prompt was: “OK, so. Kirk and McCoy are in a new relationship on the ship. However, neither of them really know the protocol for these things, and how they should behave. McCoy errs on the side of not-telling-people, and Kirk errs on the side of being ENTIRELY too honest. Preferably with a schmoopy ending where they decide just to act naturally, and maybe also porn? “ requested by otempora42

There is a lot McCoy isn't sure about regarding his relationship with Jim. For starts, the whole “relationship” title threw him through a loop. Jim isn't the relationship kind of guy. He doesn't do flowers and romance. He does a few drinks at the bar then a great fuck. So when he turned to McCoy and told him he didn't want to just fuck him, he wanted to be with him, McCoy didn't know how to take it. He still doesn't. Part of him assumes it's some sort of faze Jim is going through. That eventually he will realize that he really can't do relationships and they will go back to be friends. But he hopes that doesn't happen.

He also doesn't know how it will work on the ship. He doesn't understand the dynamics of this kind of relationship. How are you supposed to act when you are dating the Captain of the ship? McCoy assumes they are going to keep it quiet. Maybe not hide it exactly, because he's sure that's impossible. But he doesn't want to go flaunting their relationship around. He wants it to be discrete.

The only problem is, James T. Kirk doesn't know the meaning of discretion.

To be fair, McCoy should have known that. There is no reason why he should have assumed Kirk would have been anything but obvious. Still, the first time he is on the bridge since they established their relationship (which is a strange thought McCoy is sure he will never get used to) he is surprised by how Kirk acts. He all but pinches his butt when he walks past the Captain's chair. McCoy shoots him a glare that is met with a wide grin. Kirk is eying him in a decidedly predatory way when McCoy finally realizes there was no reason for him to be called to the bridge.

“I'm a doctor Jim. Not your personal plaything.” McCoy mutters, trying to be quiet.

“Or really?” Jim raises his eyebrows. “You sure about that Bones? Because if they way you were acting last night is any indication...” Jim trails off with a lewd smile.

McCoy chokes on his breath at Kirk's words. Kirk is lounging back in his chair and looks entirely too self satisfied.

By the end of the day everyone on the ship knows.

~~ ~~ ~~

“I don't see why you are so irritated Bones.” Jim tells him. He's sitting on the edge of McCoy's bed, swinging his legs like a bored child. “I mean, we are together. I don't see what the big deal is if the crew knows about it. They are going to know eventually.”

Bones lets out a long sigh. “I told you. I'm not mad.”

“Oh? Well you are doing great impression of it.”

Bones leans against his desk and looks at Jim steadily. “I'm not a woman Jim. I don't say things are fine when they aren't.”

“Well you seem annoyed.”

“I just don't think there was a reason to tell everyone you saw today what a great lay I am.”

Jim snorts. “I didn't tell everyone.” McCoy gives him a pointed look. Jim smiles sheepishly. “Okay, so I told everyone. What's the big deal? It's true.” Jim goes silent for a moment, trying to figure it out. “I was worried you were...I don't know. Embarrassed or ashamed or something.”

McCoy pushes off from the desk and crosses the room. He stops in front of Jim and rests his hands on his shoulders. “No.” He says honestly. “But I am more private then you. I don't go around informing the entire crew about my sexual escapades.”

Jim reaches up to hold McCoy's waist. “But I like talking about our sexual escapades.” He flashes a perfect Jim smile. “You don't mind that the crew knows?”

The intimacy between them is still foreign to McCoy. Foreign but ... nice. “No. I'd prefer if you kept quiet about what goes on behind closed doors.” He looks down at Kirk's smiling face and sighs. “That's not going to happen is it?”

“I'll try Bones. I'll try.”


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