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Title: Blind dates
Author: Caej
Characters: Bones/Kirk, random OC's.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, porn
Word Count: 2296
Disclaimer: I do not own star trek.
Summary: Writing for the McCoy-a-thon over at LiveJournal. The prompt was that Kirk kept setting McCoy up on blind dates and McCoy was grumpy about it. Ends in sex. Requested by the_dala
A/N: When I saw that there was a McCoy-a-thon I actually screamed. My friends thought I was crazy. Then I stayed up until well past three in the morning reading and writing McCoy porn.

“Come on Bones, it's just one date. You know need one.” Jim urged, tugging on McCoy's arm a bit to emphasize his point. “Laura is hot.” He insisted.

McCoy let out one of his famous long suffering sighs and looked down at where Jim's hand was still gripping his arm. He shook it off. “Jim, you've been trying to get me to go out for the past six weeks and my answer has always been no.”

“What? You don't trust me to pick out a girl for you?” McCoy had to hold back his eye roll. “Come on buddy, if you go on this date I'll stop bugging you. I swear.” McCoy sighed. He didn't believe that for a moment.

~~ ~~ ~~

The date didn't go well. McCoy hadn't been expecting it to so he wasn't disappointed. Laura was nice enough. Wearing too little clothes and batting her eyes a bit too much. She smiled at him the whole night like she was expecting him to make a move. He never did. They went to dinner and had drinks after. When McCoy ordered his usual bourbon Laura raised her eyebrows at him and said nothing.

~~ ~~ ~~

“What went wrong?” Jim asked for the fortieth time. McCoy was getting incredibly tired of the conversation.

“Nothing.” he waved his hand vaguely in the air. “We didn't connect. She didn't have anything interesting to say.”

“She liked you well enough. You could have gotten laid!”

McCoy was about to open his mouth and tell him that wasn't the only thing that mattered but he didn't see the point.

James ran his hands through his short hair and tried to think. “Let me try again Bones. Please.”

~~ ~~ ~~

Tali was very pretty with long dark hair and passionate eyes. She was engaging and a great conversationalist. She was fascinated with McCoy's medical career and asked a lot of questions. It went better then the last date but McCoy found that his heart wasn't in it. He had a beautiful young woman in front of him, clearly interested, yet he didn't want it to go further.

~~ ~~ ~~

“What could possibly have been wrong with her!” James sounded completely exasperated.

McCoy was getting increasingly tired of this and he didn't see an end in sight. Jim was determined. “She ate strangely.” He said after a while.

Jim's eyebrows rose in surprise. “She ate strangely?” He repeated, voice full of disbelief.

“She ate her peas one by one and moved counter clockwise around her plate.”


“She started on one side of her plate and ate each item of food individually, moving counter clockwise.”

James let out a puff of air before bursting into a fit of laughter. He fell onto his bed. “I just don't know what to do with that Bones.” He said when he regained his breath. “I guess I'll just have to be more careful when I pick the next girl.”

~~ ~~ ~~

Bones did not want to be out with Marri. Her voice was too high pitched, she talked too quickly and she was always fidgeting. The fidgeting was getting on McCoy's nerves. He took a breath and counted to ten in his head. He could get through this. He just had to get through dinner. They could skip drinks. Then he could back to his dorm.

Jim would be there asking questions. “Why are you home early?” “What was wrong with that one?” “Don't you want to get laid?”

And he did. He really did. Just not by any of these girls.

~~ ~~ ~~

“What is wrong with you?” Jim nearly shouted one night several weeks later. Leonard had gone on six dates total and had rejected each one. He just couldn't figure it out. Evey girl had been attractive, charming and willing to put out. He entertained the idea that maybe Bones was looking for love and not a cheap fuck. But he wasn't going to find that if he rejected every girl he saw. “Six dates and not one of them was worth a second glance?”

McCoy was pinching the bridge of his nose and was once again counting to ten in his head. Jim was driving him up the wall. “Would you just stop?” He snapped, dropping his hand and looking up to glare at Jim. “Stop setting me up. Stop telling me I need to get laid.”

“But why? Why don't you want any of these girls?”

Because I want you. The thought startled McCoy so badly he nearly jumped.

Jim sighed and sat on the edge of his bed. He leaned his arms against his knees and looked at McCoy steadily. “You've got to help me out here Bones. Tell me. What's wrong with these girls? What do you want?”

McCoy didn't want to meet Jim's eyes. He wrung his hands together and started fixedly at them.

“Bones.” Jim said firmly.

Slowly, McCoy raised his eyes to look at Jim's face. He knew it was a mistake the instant he did it. Jame's had a wonderful face. Much more pleasing then any of the girls he'd seen in the last few weeks. His eyes were bright and intelligent and his smile infectious. But he wasn't smiling. He was looking at McCoy with a very serious expression on his face. The slight pout to his lips made it almost more appealing then his smile.

“What do you want?”

The feelings that had been building up over the last several months began to make sense to McCoy. In fact, if he allowed himself to think to much about it he might admit that the feelings have been around for longer then that. Jim. Jim. McCoy repeated it in his mind. Jim who stayed up until dawn drinking with him. Jim who's jokes and sarcasm could distract him from almost any panic inducing situation. Jim who helped him learn to ride shuttle crafts outside of the bathroom.

Their beds were close together. James was close enough that McCoy barely had to lift off his bed to reach him. He leaned forward and grabbed Jim by the shoulders, pulling him forward. There were so many reasons why what he was doing was insane but he pushed them all aside and pressed his lips against Jim's. At the moment their lips touched McCoy's mind sorted out. It took him a moment to realize James was kissing back. It was hot and sloppy and McCoy nearly toppled over. Jim grabbed his arms and pulled him forward. He slid away from his bed and moved between Jim's hips like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Really?” Jim gasped against Bone's lips. His eyes were glazed and half lidded when he looked up at Bones. Without answering Leonard pushed Jim back onto the bed and crawled over him. Their lips met again, slower and filled with a burning heat. Bones still didn't know what he was doing. James was grabbing at him, holding fistfuls of his uniform and murmuring against his lips. Bones couldn't figure out why he was so excited.

“Jim?” He pulled away from the kiss. James pouted and looked up at him through thick lashes. God, that look when straight to McCoy's groin. “You want this?” Jim surged upwards and captured Bone's lips once more. They battled for control over the kiss. They both pulled away, breathing hard. Neither won.

“Yes.” He said a little breathlessly.

“Me too.”

That was all that needed to be said.

James raked his hands down McCoy's back to the hem of his shirt and pulled it up. McCoy helped yank it over his head and tossed it aside. Jim ran his palms against the exposed skin and mumbled happily against Bone's lips. Jim pressed his hand firmly on the small of his back and pulled him down so their hips ground together. They both groaned into the kiss. McCoy felt the hard heat of Jame's erection pressing against his leg. All thoughts of the girls and failed dates were gone from his mind.

Jim's hands flew down to Leonard's fly and quickly undid the fastenings. He wiggled out of the pants as Jim helped push them down his hips. He frantically kicked them off and pressed his naked body against James clothed one.

“I'm a little over dressed here Bones.”

“We'll have to fix that.” He helped James strip his shirt. Before they could take care of his pants Bones was attacking his neck with hot kisses and soft bites. Jim arched his neck back to provide him better access. Pleasing moans were tumbling from Jim's lip. He bit down a little harder on the junction of his neck and James was thrusting against him. He worked his way down Jame's chest. He stopped to tease his nipples, causing Jim to make even better noises. Each sound was making McCoy impossibly hard.

He stopped at James pants and slowly undid the fastenings. He looked up at Jim's face as he pulled his pants down. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes glazed. He was looking back at Bones with barely restrained hunger.

He hadn't been planning on lowering his lips to the head of Jim's cock but something in his eyes made Bones feel compelled. He let his lips slid over the head of his straining erection. Jim let out a low animal groan and grabbed the back of Bone's neck with one sweaty hand. He urged Bones forward. “Fuck Bones.” He moaned, rocking his hips forward.

He wasn't entirely sure what he was doing. He licked and sucked greedily, loving every inch of Jim's cock. He ran his tongue along the underside then back up to the head. He swirled his tongue around the tip before taking him as far in as he could manage. Jim was struggling to keep form thrusting up and strangling him.

“Bones,” He gasped, trying to keep control. “If you...don't stop...” He tugged helplessly on the back of McCoy's neck. Slowly, Bones pulled away. Jim whimpered at the lose of warmth before dragging McCoy up for another deep kiss. It was slow and messy. Their teeth clacked together a couple of times but neither cared. “Nightstand.” He mumbled against his lips.

Wordlessly, Bones moved back and reached into the nightstand. He pulled out a small tube of lube and looked back at Jim. The image of him sprawled out naked and wanting was possibly the sexiest thing Leonard had ever seen.

“Fuck me Bones.” He whispered.

McCoy shut his eyes and let out a shaky breath. He moved to nestle between Jim's spread thighs. He ran a reassuring hand over Jim's leg before popping the cap on the lube and pouring some over his fingers. He leaned forward and kissed Jim slowly as he reached between his legs. James let out one of the most wonderful noises and McCoy slid the first finger inside. He was hot and tight. He slowly worked another finger inside and scissored him. James bucked against the hand and let out something very close to a whine.

“Faster.” He nearly begged. But James never begged.

McCoy could have put a lot more care into preparing James but he couldn't wait. He slicked up his erection and settled against Jim's entrance and pushed forward. James hands clenched against Bone's shoulders. His head lolled back at the feeling of being filled. McCoy pushed in inch by inch, not wanting to go to fast. When he was fully inside he held still for as long as he could. His arms shook from the effort of keeping him up.

“Move!” James demanded as he rocked his hips forward.

Leonard couldn't deny him. He slid out and thrust forward. James clenched his eyes shut and whimpered but not completely in pain. McCoy kept his pace slow at first.

“Faster,” James said breathlessly. “I wont break.”

McCoy was aching for release. He was harder then he had been in years. Harder then he could ever remember being with his ex-wife. He pulled almost all the way out and rocked forward quickly. James cried out as he struck the spot deep inside him. His muscles clenched around him. McCoy cursed under his breath and the new sensation. He couldn't hold back any more. His concerns about hurting him flew out the window. He reached between their bodies and grabbed James leaking cock. He pumped him awkwardly in time to his thrusts.

He sped up his hand as fast as he could and soon Jim's breath was erratic. His body tightened as orgasm washed over him. He bit down on McCoy's shoulder to keep from screaming his release. The feeling of him shaking and clenching around him quickly caused McCoy to unravel. He held onto Jim tightly as he thrust deeply and let his own release wash over him.

He fell weakly against Jim's chest. Both men were panting. After a few calming breaths McCoy managed to roll off his friend. They didn't speak for a long time. Bones was worried awkwardness would set in. He didn't want to think about what it meant to their friendship. He just wanted to relax in the afterglow. But Bones rarely relaxed for long.

Jim was the first to speak. He rolled his head over to look at McCoy. “Hey.” A lazy grin spread across his flushed face. “So, I don't think I'll be setting you up on any more dates.”

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