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Story Title: Early meetings
Author's Name: Lovemyfaceoff
Summary: This is written for part two of the kink meme. [profile] st_xi_kink an 18 year old McCoy meets a 12 year old Jim
Rating: PG
Warnings: non
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek. Or the whole 11th movie would have feature Leonard McCoy naked.

“I don't want to babysit this damn kid.” Leonard mutters angrily. He hasn't really been given a choice though. There is a large Academy gathering his family dragged him too and now he's stuck watching a pesky twelve year old. An overactive, loud and generally troublesome teenager.

The kid's mother, Winona, thanks him graciously for watching her precious son before running off. Jim is sitting on a bench swinging his legs back and forth and looking at Leonard with admiration. “Hi!” He says loudly, bouncing a little as he talks.

“Rule number one, kid. I'm not your damn friend so don't expect any friendly conversation. I am not going to entertain you.” Leonard really doesn't like the way the kid is looking at him, all bright eyes and big smile. He's heard about Jim Kirk, the son of a famous deceased Starfleet hero. He's heard the kid is a handful. Always getting into trouble, fights, stealing things. He really doesn't know why he's been trusted to watch after a kid like this.

“Are you going to Starfleet?” He asks excitedly, completely ignoring the rule.

“No.” Leonard turns on his heel and starts walking away briskly.

Jim jumps up and hurries after him. “Why not?” He tugs on Leonard's arm when the older boy doesn't respond.

“Because space is a disease ridden hole full of death and despair.” He was expecting the kid to laugh at his comment like most people do. But when he looked down he say that Jim had a serious look in his eyes. He nodded his understanding. Of course, who would understand the dangers of space better then this kid?

“Well, what are you going to do?” He asks.

“Gonna be a doctor.” He replies. He doesn't know why he keeps answering the kids questions. But he's looking up at him like a happy puppy and Leonard can't bring himself to act like a jerk.

“Really?” He seems impressed by this answer. “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“No.” Leonard is leading them around the Academy aimlessly. There is really nothing to do and nowhere to go. But Jim doesn't seem to mind following him wherever he goes.

“I have a brother!” He announces proudly. Then his expression goes sad for a moment. “He left though.” He adds in a quiet tone.

He's sure the kid is a handful most of the time but by the way he's acting right now Leonard would have never guessed. He's clearly an intelligent kid who has lived a little too much for his short life. “I'm sorry, kid.” Leonard tells him sincerely.

Jim shrugs his shoulders. “It's okay. I wanna leave too. I tried a couple of times.” He kicks a small rock with his toe and watches it skid away. Jim sneaks a look at Leonard and hides a smile. He hasn't been getting of the farm a lot lately. His stepfather has been forcing him to stay close to home. So he revels in the company. He likes Leonard. He's sarcastic, and from what Jim saw earlier he doesn't have a problem talking back to authority. He acts a lot like an adult but he's only eighteen.

For the rest of the weekend, Jim follows Leonard around like a lost puppy. Wherever Leonard goes, Jim is there also. He keeps pestering him with questions but eventually Leonard doesn't mind answering them.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Jim wants the answer to be 'no' and isn't sure why.

“Fiancée. The wedding's in six months.”

Jim doesn't like that answer at all. “Aren't you too young to get married?”

Leonard laughs. “Probably.”

Jim pauses and chews his lip while he thinks up his next question. “Is she hot?”

Leonard lets out a loud bark of laughter and ruffles Jim's hair. Jim blushes a little at the contact. “Sure, kid. Sure, she's hot.”

Jim basically demands to know Leonard's whole life story. He asks about his family, his home town, his friends and why he wants to be a doctor. He loves when Leonard gets riled about the dangers of space travel. He tries really hard not to think about the fact that once the weekend is over he'll probably never see him again.

When the last day of the weekend rolls around Jim is in a sullen mood. He keeps hopping from foot to foot and glaring at the ground. He doesn't want to go back to the farm and he definitely doesn't want to leave Leonard. He gets a strange feeling in his stomach every time they are together. He doesn't have many friends back in Iowa, at least not any that matter. Jim hasn't had anyone to actually talk to in ages.

“Hey, kid. What's the matter?” Leonard nudges him in the shoulder. Jim shrugs and looks away. “Come on, cheer up.”

“I don't wanna to go home,” he mumbles.

“Well, I'm sorry kid but you don't have much of a choice.”

Jim is silent for a long time. “Um, I'll miss you.” He says in a rush. His cheeks burn with embarrassment.

Leonard smiles fondly. He's grown a little bit attached to the kid in the last couple days. “Hey, I'll miss you too, kid.” Jim looks up from his shoes and gives Leonard an awkward smile. Unsure, he steps forward and throws his arms around Leonard in a tight hug. Leonard lifts his arms in surprise for a moment before relaxing and hugging him back. He ruffles the kids hair as he pulls away from the hug. “You never know kid, we might meet again one day.”

Jim's face breaks into a huge smile at that. “I hope so.”


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